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New Skills in 2012

Each year, I put put together an annual plan (goals) with the help of the Best Year Yet Program.  Some of these goals are personal, some are professional; some are home related, some are travel related — they run the gamut of life.

Part of my Best Year Yet plan each year pushes me to learn new skills.  Last year, I wanted to be more creative, so I worked on a couple painting projects, like this one.  This year, I have four things I want to learn how to do:

Ok, so two of these are pretty much go hand in hand, but have different outcomes, really.  
A colleague of mine took the back splash workshop at the Home Depot a few months ago and tiled her back splash without a problem — sounds like a good place to start for me.
My aunt (well, technically, my grandpa’s aunt) made some amazing bread and butter pickles. I have several recipes for these pickles — but I’ve never made them before and really don’t know of anyone who has properly made pickles that could help me.  I do want to try this and I want to make both dill and sweet pickles.
I also want to try canning things like fresh vegetables (tomato sauce) and fruit (peaches).  I think making spicy (pickled?) green beans for a Bloody Mary would be great too.  Theoretically, I’d like to can a homemade pasta sauce I make too — but I understand there are other issues with canning meats and sauces, so obviously I’ll need to do more research on this.

Finally, I want to learn how to properly decorate a cake. A good friend of mine (JLPB) does some really amazing cakes – she’s promised to make me a cake, but since I’m nearly 2000 miles away, I haven’t had a chance to get the cake. Her cakes look fantastic and while I cannot expect to match her skill level, I would like to be able to create frosting flowers or other embellishments as opposed to just throwing some sprinkles on the top. 

What do you want to learn how to do this year?  What resources are you using? Do you think my three items are lame?  Are you interested in helping me achieve these goals?  What advice do you have for me on these goals?

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  1. Melissa says:

    I want to add a tile backsplash in our kitchen also. I already learned to install an electronic dog door this year. You can find cake decorating classes here: http://www.wilton.com/classes/classlocator.cfm

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