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Where to Eat…Hanoi

Next month, I will be heading to Vietnam for a couple weeks.  We will be staying in Hanoi and Saigon (HCMC) mostly.  While we have most of our activities planned (bike ride, self guided walking tours, historical site visits, river cruises, etc), all of our hotels and transportation options are booked.  As we make a list of things to do outside of these organized activities we are also making a list of restaurants we want to visit.

Beyond the standard street phở, which I am sure we’ll eat almost every day, I am quite sure we will find some amazing French food.  I guess there are some benefits to colonialism.  I’ve done some research on TripAdvisor to find great restaurants in Hanoi:

Have you been to any of these restaurants in Hanoi?  Where would you recommend we go?  My real focus would be traditional Vietnamese food and of course French food.  Any of these restaurants we should stay away from?  All advice is greatly appreciated  — we want to know what the locals and the regular tourists do.

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  1. They are all good, not sure about Bun Chu ( may be a spelling mistake) – did you man Bun Cha – the wonderful Hanoi speciality. This is the most famous:http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/en/spot/129/bun-cha-hang-manh-old-quarter-hanoiQuan an Ngon will give you a great taste of most of the favourites.If you want the best Pho – which is a little out of the centre but worth the walk – especially as it's in a nice part of town. Try this place:http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/en/spot/472/pho-thin-lo-duc-hanoiBeyond that – my wife runs a couple of cafes:See here: http://www.thecartfood.comHave a great trip.

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