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2011 Travel Year in Review

As 2012 begins, I decided to compile my flight stats for the year.  While these numbers aren’t impressive for some, it’s definitely the largest numbers I’ve put up before. I’ve flown more miles in a given year, but not  as many long hauls or foreign trips.

Total Miles Flown: 53,906
Miles Flown on United: 42,292
Miles Flown on Others: 11,614
Total Miles Earned: 104,405
Total Miles Redeemed: 265,000 (including intra-Africa, gift for JDE and Business Class to Asia)
Number of Legs: 28
Number of Airlines: 2 (United and South African Airlines)
Number of Countries Visited: 6 (Canada, UK, France, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia)
Number of Continents Visited: 3 (North America, Europe, Africa)

2012 will have me adding to some of these numbers too.  So far, I have 3 countries on the list (Canada, Vietnam and Thailand — I won’t count Japan because we are just visiting the airport).  I’ll be trying at least three new airlines (ANA, Thai, Vietnam Airlines).

Do you track your annual travel stats?  Have you increased your travel this year? What about next, are you queued up to set a personal goal?

** Update ** I completely forgot about the non-flying, non-United miles I earned.  I participated in the US Airways Grand Slam this year and while I didn’t earn as many as I thought I would…I need to plan better. I earned 49,832 points – which I intend to use on a future Star Alliance Premium Award booking.

I also earned 11,427 American Airlines miles just by signing up for email sale notifications and eating out, using their Advantage Dining Program (register credit cards and use them at restaurants…BOOM, free miles). 3,500 miles on Virgin Atlantic — signed up for email notifications and another promotional sign up.  I earned 4,600 miles on Delta through various sign up/email promotions too.  Finally, I earned a whopping 25 miles on Virgin America from Top Guest.

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