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Leap Year

2012 is a busy year.  The US, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Egypt and countless others have national elections, which could theoretically change the landscape of the politics on planet Earth.  Speaking of planet Earth — 2012 will also be the end of everything…according to those kooky Mayans.

2012 is also Leap Year.  I never really put any thought into Leap Year, until I saw a rerun of this episode of Frasier in late 2008 (just missing Leap Day).

I like the idea of doing something out of the ordinary on this day that will happen less than two dozen times in our lifetime.  I want to find something unique to do on this day. I don’t want to do something silly like they did on Frasier — I’m not getting a hair cut, go to Montana to visit an old cop buddy of mine, or sing Buttons and Bows on PBS.  Although the last of those three would be something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone.

There is also a Leap Year Project, which encourages you to take a risk that will change your life, your community or the world for the better.  This is in line with Frasier (the first part, at least).  I want to do something and I need your help. I would like to do something that would help people — not just myself.  Although, my immediate goal is to do something new on Leap Day.

Have you heard of the Leap Year Project?  Do you traditionally do something new on Leap Day?  What are your plans for this Leap Day? Do you help others, or turn your focus internally on self improvement? What would you suggest I do?  Do you want to hear me sing Buttons and Bows? I love reruns of Frasier, don’t you?

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