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Southeast Asia – Planning Phase – Bike Ride

I never was much of a biker (bicycle not motorcycle). Until a couple of year ago I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was in elementary school. While in Ho Chi Minh City we wanted to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. I wanted to go on a bike ride while there, but we were both quite concerned about riding bikes in Ho Chi Minh City — one of the tour books mentioned that an average of 30 people die each day in traffic accidents in Ho Chi Minh City. How insane is that?

Being the risk adverse person I am, I don’t want to get killed in a traffic accident while on vacation. I stumbled across an opportunity that will allow us to go on a bike ride and see the Cu Chi tunnels. The trip even has our hosts pick us up in a vehicle and drive us about 30 km out of the City, then we start the ride. How fantastic does that sound?

Since the tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels take only about half a day (including travel by car), adding on a bike tour sounds like a great way to really explore the country side. We are planning on working with Exotissimo Travel.

Have you used Exotissimo Travel before? Do you like to bike when you travel? When you want to see a very touristy historic location to you head out on your own or do you book a full blown tour with a travel company — or do you do a mix of both?

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