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What I’m Cooking…Gruyere Gougeres

Today I tried my new Essentials of French Cooking by William Sonoma cook book.  I started by leafing through page by page and managed to make it to page 56 before I decided I needed to get cooking.  Surprisingly, I had everything needed for this recipe in my kitchen.  How great and how unexpected for me.

I decided to try a Gruyere Gougeres.  This hors d’ouvre is from the Burgundy Region (yes…this info came from my cookbook, how cool, eh?).  This is a very simple recipe that consists of butter, salt pepper, flour, egg and Gruyere.  Sound familiar?  Yes, it’s kind of a like a BLT Popover. It’s a whole hell of a lot easier to make than a BLT Popover, but I must say not nearly as tasty.

How could this recipe have been better?  It needs more cheese and a little more cheese.  Would I make this recipe again?  Probably not, but I would definitely make the BLT Popover again.  I must admit the first Gorgeres was lackluster, but the second one, after it cooled a bit was more tasty.  Again, it’s unlikely I will be making this recipe again.

Have you ever made this recipe before?  Have you used a William Sonomoa cookbook before?  Are the recipes better than this first one I’ve made?

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