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Turkey Leftovers — Turkey Enchiladas Verde

I’m still working my way through the Christmas Turkey leftovers — and last night I fixed Turkey Enchiladas Verde.  This was a very simple yet, extremely tasty recipe.  My first stop was the grocery store to pick up corn tortillas (don’t use flour — they just aren’t as flavorful as corn — why waste flavor), poblano peppers canned salsa verde, white onions and manchego cheese. I know this isn’t a wild and crazy recipe and it’s a pretty vanilla American half recipe (I’m not making the sauce or the tortillas, but I am combining these simple components into a nice tasty meal).

Unfortunately, poblanos were no where to be found.  Strike that. Next step, soak a towel in water, wring so it is only damp and put the tortillas inside the towel.  Put the towel/tortillas in the microwave for 2 minutes, so they are fully warm and softened.  I would traditionally roll the shredded turkey (or chicken if I didn’t have left overs) with the poblano peppers in the tortillas and put them in an over safe pan with a small amount of sauce covering the bottom of the pan.  Continue to roll the turkey inside the tortillas until the pan is full.  Make sure the tortillas are all rolled the same way (don’t have the “flap” on the bottom of one, the top of another, to the right on the first and the left on the second — it will make removing the enchiladas from the pan a total mess, trust me).

Once the pan is full of the rolled tortillas, cover them with the rest of the canned salsa.  The tortillas should be fully covered but not so much that they will be super saturated and soggy.  Top with slices of half an onion.  Now, shred the manchego cheese and sprinkler all over the tortilla and sauce in the pan.  I decided to throw on some sharp cheddar to add some color and a bit more of a distinct flavor.

The pan goes into a pre-heated over at 400 degrees and bake until the cheese is melted and golden brown (about 15-20 minutes).  Serve hot.

Again, this isn’t going to be an award winning recipe — but it is quite tasty and really easy to make.  Next time I’ll provide some a better recipe…but trust me, this is quite nice.

What are you making with Christmas leftover this year? Do you use canned enchilada salsa?  Do you pretend that a recipe like this is really a home cooked meal, when it isn’t? :)

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