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House Redesign – Second Floor Landing

I moved into my home in April, 2009.  You can read about that in my various blog entries that you can find on your own.  I told my mother that since I was giving her the upstairs and she could decorate as she saw fit (within reason). I just said I needed to have access to the guestroom — which needed to have a queen size bed and a dresser for guests — that’s it.  I also needed to have access to a closet where Lilly’s box could be hidden away.

Fast forward two and a half years later — nothing has been put up on the walls.  I shouldn’t be surprised, as my parents really never put anything on the walls in any of the houses they lived in.  Today I decided to rectify this.  I’ve been slowly collecting frames when I see them on sale at Michael’s or another such store.  I don’t necessarily know what will eventually fill these frames, but I know someday this frame will be a perfect home for something.

I was inspired by an episode of Color Splash (HCLRS-907H), the one where he blended mid-century modernism with a Bollywood twist.  There was a wall that was adorned with six very large white frames with large mattes and small (ish) photos.  I cannot find a photo or a screen capture from the episode (and it wasn’t really a focal point of the show, more of a passing shot).  I wanted to get 6 very large frame, that would take up most of the space on this wall — but MS talked me out of it. He said it might be too much white long the narrow wall. I listened.

Instead I opted to purchase six smaller white frames with white mattes and arrange them in them horizontally 3 x 2 layout.  I’m not 100% sold on the layout and I may switch it up to frames that take up the majority of this space, but haven’t made up my mind yet. The large frames would also hold larger pictures — perhaps as big as 8×10 photos — not just 5×7 prints.

As you can see, these frames are not filled with pictures yet (I know, I know).  I am searching through my travel photos to find the perfect items to adorn my upper hallway.  I am not going with the blank and white theme that I’ve used in the guest room, I’m going to push ahead with full color photos.

What do you think?  Are the three smaller frames dwarfed by the wall itself or do you think it flows well? Would you prefer to see the large frames in this space?  What else do I need to complete this area (besides actually putting photos in the frames, of course.

**UPDATE:  Well, I’ve lived with the frames on the landing for a bit and I’m still not 100% sold.  I ordered some photos to plug into those empty frames to see if that helps.  I really think I need much larger frames to get the look I’m going for.  I’ll head out and this weekend and see what I can come up with. Do you have any suggestions for larger white frames at a reasonable price?  I’m not looking to do custom frames nor am I looking to spend even $200 on frames for this space**

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