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Elite Mileage Bonuses: UA vs AA

So we all know American Airlines has filed for bAAnkruptcy and many of you know that American has added some mileage bonuses lately.  The options you’ve got right now, on American, are Double Elite Qualifying Miles from ORD/DFW and LAX/SFO — this promo is only for people with mailing addresses in Illinois, California and Texas.  The other option is Double Elite Qualifying Miles anywhere in the world.  There are no residency restrictions on this promotion.  The best part — you can stack these rewards or get Triple Elite Qualifying Miles.  This means from ORD-LAX-ORD you’d get 10,470 Elite Miles.  Pretty damn amazing.

United has matched the Double Elite Qualifying Miles between ORD and LAX/SFO for Illinois or California residents, but not for the cheap flights.  United hasn’t moved forward to match the second bonus…yet.  I’m not sure United will match the American option either.  American is in bAAnkruptcy and people might feel they should jump ship and join the ranks of the United Patrons.  They may also feel their AAdvantage Miles are worthless, but this is just crap — how many airlines filed bankruptcy between 2000 and 2011…exactly.  And all their miles were fine.

I’m seriously considering doing some mileage runs in January to LAX and get status on American.  I don’t want to leave United (you all know I love them, irrationally), but this could be a good move for me and a great way to earn a high status on an airline with limited travel and limited expense.

What do you think? Do you think United will match the American promotions?  Should I jump ship and join the ranks for the AAdvantage crowd?  Are you becoming an American Flyer since the bAAnkruptcy ?

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