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Thanksgiving Dinner Planning

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my home this year.  I have two friends coming in from Alaska for a week, as well as a friend from Supper Club in addition to MS, my mom and of course myself.  I’m looking forward to cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner — this will be the first time I’ve cooked Thanksgiving in years.  I honestly don’t even know when the last time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

I am not cooking the traditional bird, but instead am cooking a standing rib roast.  For the sides I will, of course make my grandma’s mashed potatoes — made with condensed milk and loads of butter.  I’ll probably also make the haricots verts from supper club as well.  A side of sauteed mushrooms will course be a side to my big hunk of meat.

MS has volunteered to make the dessert and an appetizer of butternut squash soup with a cider base — this recipe was inspired from our dinner at L2O last weekend.  The soup was so good and I’m confident MS will do a great job at it.  This is even better because DMH and MZH both really like cider.

I’ll probably make an appetizer of baked goat cheese or popovers earlier in the day.

I ordered the roast from Schmeisser’s Home Made Sausage.  Some friends from LA swear by this place — they were so helpful on the phone today and I’m very excited to give them a try.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  Do you traditionally have turkey?  Are you cooking your traditional Thanksgiving fare or are you trying something new?  Do you host or are you a guest?  Do you spend the holiday with friends or family?  Are you staying close to home or traveling?

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  1. David says:

    Sounds good!Not sure the last Thanksgiving we made either. We did a big one our first year married in Klamath Falls, and I'm having a hard time thinking of another. Out or Over as far as I can recall.I've Never done a prime rib either, I'll be interested to see that (and of course, eat it!).

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