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Hotel Review – Aria Las Vegas

Last week I was in Las Vegas for work and stayed at Aria. This was my second stay at this hotel. Last year, I really loved it…this time, it was nice but has definitely gone down hill.

We arrived at the hotel around 20h45 and were greeted with no line in the lobby and proceeded through the check-in process very quickly.  I was given a room on the 6th floor — which had a great view of the roof of the building.  While I don’t think you need a great big room with a great view in Las Vegas — hell, you should be out and about enjoying the City…but this was pretty disappointing.

The rooms are fully electronic: the lights, TV, curtains and furnace/AC are all controlled by 2 remote controls.  Last year the remotes in my room didn’t work properly — I asked for the hotel to fix it, but they never did.  The worst part about last years visit was the master alarm clock – at 05h30 the curtains would open, the TV would turn on, the lights would kick in and I was wide awake.  This year the whole thing worked pretty well.

When I finally crawled into bed the first night I found a gross stain on my sheets. How gross is that?  I opted not to wait for the housekeepers to come up and fix the sheets, so I just pulled them off the bed and dealt with the bed as is.  The bed itself is really quite comfortable — filthy sheets, but still comfortable.  To make sure the maid really did change the sheets, I left the “Change Linens” card on the bed, and left her a note indicating the nasty sheets needed to be swapped out.  Luckily they were.

We ate a late night snack and a breakfast at Cafe Vettro.  The chocolate milk shake was great.  The club sandwich was sub par.  For breakfast two days later I ordered a ham steak and hashbrowns.  The hashbrowns were burned on the outside and surprisingly undercooked on the inside.  Absolutely miserable. The other people at my group for breakfast all had the Breakfast Parfait and absolutely loved it.

About 4 hours after I hate at Cafe Vettro the second time, my stomach began to churn.  I decided to skip out on the rest of my meetings that day and return to my room.  The maid was servicing my room when I returned.  After politely asking her to leave, I immediately threw up my breakfast.  How horrible.  I was cold and sick.  I cranked up the head to 80 degrees in the room and crawled into bed.  I made a hotel bed cocoon and watched HGTV and the History Channel.  I missed 3 meetings that afternoon and evening. I hate being sick.

I do not think this was food poisoning. I know it wasn’t alcohol related.  I do think it was a simple 24 hour bug.  The hotel shop had saltines and Sprite.  Of course they did — it’s Vegas and people are often sick.

I did not win at the Aria Casino either…not as badly as I lost the year prior, but still a loss.  Would I return to Aria?  Probably. Unlike so many of the hotels in the area, Aria doesn’t smell much like smoke (smoke is probably on my list of top 5 pet peeves).  I like the service at Aria.  It is so funny to return to a Vegas hotel two years in a row — you can see how this pretty girl gets rougher year over year.  These rooms are hit hard by every guest and no matter how good the maids are you can’t keep this old girl looking like the prom queen for ever…sooner or later she looks like the big girl with the torn dress.

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