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Supper Club — Final Menu


I have finalized my menu for Supper Club tonight.

I will be serving the following:

Hors d’oeuvres:
Raclette Cheese
Manchego Cheese
Chaumes Cheese
BLT Popoevers
Bacon (for the Popovers)

First Course
French Onion Soup

Second Course
Sea Scallops with Bacon Butter Sauce

Main Course
Chicken Dijon
Haricots Vert Lyonnaise
Arugula Salad (with tomatoes, artichokes and cheese…maybe with some bacon too)

Ice Cream Bonbons
Dark Chocolate Truffles (I dipped the candies in a dark and white chocolate mixture and sprinkled with sea salt too)

The wine I’ll be serving is as follows — guests can drink what they want, when they want:
Pierre Delize – Blanc de Blancs Sparkling (France)
Macon-Villages – Chardonnay (France)
ArborBrook — Pinot Gris (Oregon)
Morgan 2008 – no idea the grape (France)
ArborBrook – Pinot Noir (Oregon)
Kopke Special Reserve Porto (Portugal)
Calvados (France)

For the folks who do not care for wine (god forbid), I am offering Trois Pistoles (Quebec).

I will be taking photos while I am cooking today and updating via my twitter feed.

What are you doing tonight?  Are you cooking dinner or are you having a home cooked meal at a friends home?  Maybe going out for a dinner and leaving the cooking to professionals?  I want to hear!

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