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Recipe Test: French Onion Soup

After further review of several French Onion Soup recipes, I realized that the soup takes a decent amount of time AND if you make it a day or two ahead the flavor is enhanced exponentially.  Since Saturday will be a long day — shopping and cooking, I didn’t want to get stuck behind the French Onion Soup pot when I had a ton of other things to do — and I wanted to make sure the soup was as flavorful as possible.

I visited Whole Foods tonight and picked up 4 pounds of onions, a couple bottles of French wine and some other basic ingredients.  My dutch oven (somewhere between a medium and large size Le Creuset) wasn’t big enough.  The recipe said we should use at least a 7 quart dutch over — mine is 6 quarts, if that.  The onions filled about 3/4 of the pot.  Using the oven to reduce the onions was a really great part of this recipe as I couldn’t imagine standing over the stove for an hour sweating the onions and reducing them.

One option on the recipe was to stop at the end of Step One and allow the flavor of the onions to really build.  Saturday afternoon I will move on to Step Two.  God I can’t wait to try this soup.  I wish you all could smell my home now.

More photos and a full dinner report will follow.

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