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Supper Club Planning – French Cuisine


For the past four years now, I’ve been part of a supper club group.  There are 4 households involved, so we each host once a year and traditionally meet once a quarter.  I usually host in Q3 – between September and November. I prefer to host earlier in the quarter but this year I’m hosting the first weekend in November.  The dinners have 7 people in attendance (2 married couples, a single and me and MS).  There really aren’t any real rules for supper club, but the main unwritten rule is that you must cook — no catering or ordering in.  We started this because one of the members wanted to cook more, but since she’s a single woman she doesn’t have the opportunity to cook for anyone other than herself.

Supper club is a lot of fun, but can be a ton of work.  The worst part of it for me is the clean up.  Usually we drink about 1.25 bottles of wine per person and have dozens of dirty dishes.  Thank god for dishwashers, eh?

Since we just returned from Paris a few weeks ago, so my menu is heavily influenced by the rich French food we enjoyed.  Plus, it is fall, so I’m open to a heavy rich meal with friends.  Plus, my new dining chairs have an obvious French flair — don’t you think?

I will be trying a few new recipes during this supper club too. My menu isn’t finalized yet, but here’s what I’m thinking so far.

I will serve some bubbles to start then move into various whites and red wines for the rest of the meal.  I will probably also serve sparkling and port at dessert.  
I think I need another side dish with the entree, but I’m not sure what else to cook.  I guess I could also include a simple salad, which would be easy and colorful.  
Are you members of a group like this?  Do you enjoy trying new recipes when you have a houseful of people?  Does my menu look appetizing?  Too much bacon (is that possible)?  Too rich?  Would you like to come to dinner?
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