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New Bedroom Planning

 I’ve been cruising Pinterest for several days now, trying to find some inspiration for my bedroom redesign and I’m not coming up with much of anything.  Since I moved in 30 months ago I toyed with the idea of putting my bed under the window, using the window as a headboard of sorts.  I don’t want to block the window at all and I don’t want the cold Chicago winters to freeze me while I’m sleeping directly under the window.

I am not 100% sold on the idea of installing curtains in my room and if I put the bed under the window that definitely cannot happen.  Moving the bed under the window also would allow for enough space at the foot of the bed to put a small chair in the room — I could sit and read in the corner — or watch TV, if I opt to put a TV in my room (again, not at all sold on this idea either).

As you can see, I pulled the trigger and moved my bed.  You’ll see there is really a lot more free square footage.  It seems a little tight with my two nightstands flanking the bed. There is still plenty of room to get into the walk in closet, but it looks too crowded. I don’t need the storage that is created by two nightstands — so perhaps I’ll use only one.

The wall that was behind the bed looks even more bare now.  That wall, as well as the opposite wall are wired for TV, so if I wanted to put a TV in my room it will be on one of these walls.

One issue I have with my room layout (no matter where the bed is located) is the door.  I have to keep the door open 24/7.  If the door is closed, Lilly demands to come in — she’ll knock, scratch and yell at the door until she gets in.  Then when I let her in and close the door she does it all over again to get out.  The other issue is that when the door is open, anyone who comes down from upstairs can easily see into my room.  Nothing too major, I just like having a bit more privacy in my world.

If I do keep my room set up like this I would like to get a fun rug to put at the end of the bed and a chair for the corner.  I was thinking a narrow, wing back chair that would bring a pop of color into the space?  I could even bring in a low profile headboard, which would block a bit of a window, but wouldn’t be a deal killer.

What do you think? Is the bed in front of the window too annoying?  Does the room look to crowded with two nightstands on this wall?  How does it look with the bed not centered under the window?  Does your bed sit in front of the window?


  1. David says:

    New cat door Installation? Maybe funky for a bedroom, but could be practical.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I like how the bed under the window gives you more space but I'm one of those weird people who likes everything to be centered and the bed not centered under the window drives me crazy. I also don't like having a headboard blocking the window, Jackson's old bed used to block the window and it drove me nuts. He wants to put that bed back in his room and I'm almost tempted to make him change rooms.

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