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My US Airways Grand Slam Update

As I noted earlier, I’m not a US Airways fan. Well, I’ve never flown them, but I’m a total United guy.  I am playing US Airways Grand Slam 2011 to get miles that I will use on other Star Alliance carriers — hopefully earning enough to fly First or Business Class to Europe or Asia.  Here’s what I’ve done so far and how the points are stacking up.

  1. Dividend Mile Toolbar — I downloaded one of those damn annoying toolbars that attach to your browser.  I did the required three searches on September 12 and my 3 points were posted to my account on September 16.  Pretty easy.  I am keeping the annoying toolbar installed on Internet Explorer, which I never use, for a while just to be sure they don’t try to take the points away. I earned 4 miles with this hit.  Hit One. 
  2. E-Rewards — This is a free, yet time consuming hit.  Basically you fill out surveys and get rewards dollars that can be redeemed for miles.  I started this process before the Grand Slam kicked off, so I had a head start.  It took a while to get the $25 but I cashed them in for 500 miles on US Airways.  I cashed them in on September 16 and they were credited on September 20. I earned 500 miles here, bringing me to 504 miles.  Hit Two.
  3. Dividend Mile Dining — This wasn’t necessarily free hit, but the incremental cost was nothing.  Basically you sign up a credit card with this reward website and when you pay at select restaurants with the designated cards you get points.  I dined at Freshii on September 26 and the points were credited on September 29. I earned 26 miles with this hit, bringing me to 530 miles. Hit Three.
  4. Buy Dividend Miles —  I find buying miles a huge waste of money and time.  The value is not all there, but I get a hit and the bonus points make it worth it.  I bought 1,000 miles for $29.56 including tax.  This has recently gone up about $6 for the same number of miles.  Good timing for me.  I bought the miles on September 30 and they were posted to the account on September 30, as well.  Hit Four. Obviously, I earned 1,000 miles for this, bring me to 1,530 miles plus this was my fourth hit, which earned me an extra 3,000 miles — 4,530 miles total.
  5. 1-800-Flowers — My mom’s birthday is on October 23, so I opted to buy my mom some flowers.  I ordered the flowers on September 30, with a delivery day of October 21.  Since my charge went through on September 30 and the points posted on September 30.  I spent $64.73 on the flowers and earned a total of 900 points, bringing me to 5,430.  Hit Five.
  6. Audience Rewards — This was some silly trivia question relating to theater.  I answered the questions and had the 12 points transferred to US Airways.  The questions took about 4 minutes to answer and I immediately transferred my points to US Airways.  They posted on October 4, which was 3 days after I requested the transfer. This brings my total to 5,442 miles.  Hit Six.
  7. Miles for Magazines — I believe this is the only way you SPEND miles and get a hit.  I opted to spend 400 of the miles I earned thus far to get another hit and get a renewal subscription to Cigar Aficionado.  I lost 400 points on this bringing my mileage total to 5,042 miles.  Hit Seven.
  8. Track-It-Back — This is one of those things that I just bought for the hit. On October 10, I purchased a sticker that you put on your phone or the like and if you happen to lose this item someone finds it and calls the “Track It Back” number and you get your valuable back.  I spent $24.94 on this hit.  It posed to my account on October 13.   I haven’t received my sticker yet though. I earned 500 miles with this purchase bringing my total to 5,542 miles .No bonus miles have posted for this hit yet. Hit Eight
  9. Dividend Miles Shopping Mall — As noted above, my mother’s birthday is on October 23. I opted to buy her a gift from Amazon.com. Amazon points suck as you get 1 point for ever $2 spent.  I bought her a gift on October 7 and the 55 points posted on October 20, bringing my points to 5,597.  Hit Nine.
  10. Super Shuttle — Yes, I did.  I booked a $13 airport shuttle ride from DFW to the DFW Hyatt.  Of course, I wasn’t in Dallas and I haven’t stayed at a Hyatt in probably 8 years…and never in Dallas.  I earned 50 miles for this hit bringing my total to 5,647 miles.  Hit Ten.
  11. MasterCard Purchase — One of my oldest credit cards was a Platinum Card from Barclay’s Bank.  This card got switched to a US Airways card a month or so ago — I did not ask for it to be switched, but the interest rate was still fine and no credit limit changes, so who cares.  Plus this counts as a hit.  I earned 348 miles bringing my total to 5,995.  Hit Eleven.
I’ve got a few more hits queued up already, they just haven’t posted yet.  I do not know how often the do their Grand Slam mileage sweeps…but I should get at least another 7,000 miles (for my 8th hit) soon and hopefully some of the other items that I’ve done, but whose points haven’t posted yet will hit and I can get another 12,000 (5,000 in addition the 7,000 that I’m already set to get) soon.  My next post (give or take) will explain the other hits that I’m planning on doing — and hopefully an update that will tell about all the bonus points I’m earning…fingers crossed.
How are you playing the Grans Slam?  Are you running into delays in miles posting? What about your bonus miles?  Did you play last year?  How much money did you spend and how many points did you earn?  What did you do with those points?

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