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Bedroom Redesign

My project for this coming winter is to redesign my bedroom.  If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you’ve seen my floor plan and know why I chose the house I did and how I have it currently arranged.  My room is on the main floor and suits me just fine — functionally suits me just fine that is.  It is quite lacking in design/style.  I intend to change that this winter.

I think I will repaint the room.  My room is painted the same color as the main room, the master bed room and the guest bath — Behr Light Olive (3B5-2), which I really like.  The color on the monitor really looks nothing like it does on the wall, but you know how it goes.

I think I’m going to go with a light grey for a more modern feel.  I think I might go with Quietude (770E-1) or Subtle Touch (7903-1) both from Behr.  I think the sleek cool color of these greys would add a nice backdrop for my personal sanctuary.

As you can see, my room is relatively small and currently contains just a queen bed (well, mattress and box spring, not a real bed) and two old nightstands.  I’ve got two small lights, one reading and one for ambiance along with two larger pieces of artwork.  The painting was a gift from MS last Christmas, which I love.  I was with him the summer prior when we both saw this at a gallery — it is probably my favorite view in Chicago (looking north on Wabash from an L Platform up to the Trump Tower).  It was quite a surprise when I received it.

The other piece of art is from an ex.  It is a simple framed self portrait poster of Andy Warhol.  It has no real value, but I like the bold color and minimalist frame.  In my new room I would like to keep the painting, but am not wedded to the Warhol poster.

Of course, I’d like to have an actual bed, not just a mattress on a box spring, it’s been too long having a half put together room.  My nightstands are old second hand Ikea — and I really am not tied to them at all. They serve their purpose but I do not care about them at all.  I do need some bed side storage in my new room — drawers and/or doors preferably. Lilly is quite nosy, so the drawers/doors need to latch.

 You’ll also notice that I don’t have a dresser in my room.  I am lucky because my home has a TON of walk in closets.  I can’t imagine not having all this amazing space.  Ideally I would like a chair so I could sit and read or relax, but I just don’t think there will be enough space.

You will also notice that I don’t have a TV in my room.  I am not 100% sure that I actually want one. From time to time I do wish I had one, especially when I’m feeling under the weather, like today.  What kind of light fixtures do I want?  I’m not sure at this point. Obviously, I’d like to get rid of the builder grade crap I have now, but I don’t know if I want a ceiling fan, or a pendant light or something different all together.  I do think I’d like two sleek metal table lamps flanking my bed — perhaps not matching, just coordinating.

What are your thoughts on my bedroom design initial thoughts?  Do you like ceiling fans in your bedroom?  Do you have to have a TV in your room?  What am I missing?  Is there something in your bedroom that you can’t imagine living without?


  1. Jennifer says:

    We had a ceiling fan in the other house and it was nice when it was hot but I think I prefer without it. Our bed frame is extremely tall, if we opt for one I've been looking at I think I will look for a vintage chandalier that I can spruce up. Looking at your room I think you need curtains. I love the added luxury that curtains give the room. You could totally make you're own headboard with some plywood, batting, fabric and some appolstry buttons, I have been so tempted to do it I just haven't found the right design yet.

  2. Tim says:

    Jenn–Do you think you are getting off that easy? The woman who takes my ideas and does them 10 times better than I could imagine? I appreciate your advice, but you aren't done yet. Curtains — need more of your opinion here: Just big enough to cover the windows, or floor length? Bold pattern/subdued?I've thought about doing to fabric headboard, but am concerned Miss Lilly will destroy it. Am thinking about doing a pseudo reclaimed headboard (http://pbjstories.blogspot.com/2011/06/diy-wood-headboard-tutorial.html) — thoughts?I've seen the whole birdcage chandelier thing lately (created with a simple lighting kit) with the cage in a bold complimentary color and kind of dig it — not sure for my bedroom, but like the idea.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ok here goes again :). I think floor length curtains and definitely a bold pattern since you are going kind of mellow on the wall color. I really like using blue shades In the bedroom because they are kind of calming. I would even take out the blinds and put up a set of sheers for the sunny days but with a little privacy. I'm sure you're right about Lilly attacking the headboard but you could always ban her from your room when you aren't in there, although she'd probably find her way in there anyway. I would love to do one with black and white paisley. I love the headboards in that blog posting, I would love to do something like that in the spare room. I haven't seen the birdcage chandelier, I'll have to look that up. Check out bliss living for some amazing linens, they are a little spendy but they are so nice (I'm in love with ours)

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