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Dining Room Design – The Chairs

My dining room chairs arrived on Friday (while I was out of town, of course).  My mom was kind enough to sign for the delivery.  I hate not being around for a delivery like this — what if the fabric isn’t quite right or the chairs are damaged.  It would be a total pain in the ass to deal with a furniture return.  I was very excited to return home to check out the chairs.  I’ve been waiting to find the right chairs for so long I was lucky to find these and at a great price.

As mentioned before, my table has very narrow space between the legs at the head and foot — 19 inches only.  Most chairs I found were too wide for the small opening. These chairs from Arhaus fit the bill — they are just wide enough to be comfortable but narrow enough to fit under the table.  The colors go well with the table but aren’t matchy.

I struggled for a while on the fabric selection, but couldn’t be happier. The pattern is bold, but muted at the same time. The colors soften the busyness of the pattern as well.  I chose this fabric because my home is more neutral and modern and using these classic fabrics helps bring some unique softness to my home.

The chairs themselves are quite comfortable.  The seat has a nice spring to it and the high back chairs will make my long dinner parties so much better (especially considering the chairs I’ve been using for 2 years have been cheap folding chairs).

The delivery folks from Arhaus were really good.  They confirmed delivery time the day before, then day of confirmed again.  They ended up running a bit late but called a few hours before to update the time.  They brought the chairs in (which were fully boxed and protected), unwrapped them fully inspected each one and placed them exactly where we wanted.  The removed all the boxes before they left too. They were extremely professional.

This was my first  purchase from Arhaus and am really impressed.  Based on my experience so far, I will be shopping with them again.  I will obviously keep everyone up to date on how the chairs hold up.

Have you recently purchased a piece of furniture that you’ve been eyeing for a long time?  Do you shop at Arhaus?  What about ScotchGuard-do you use it on your furniture? Should I? These are fabric dining chairs, so there is a good chance food will fall on them.

Of course, Lilly sees the camera come out, so she has to make her way into the photos.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Those are nice chairs, I like the weathered look.

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