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Paris Trip Recap — Final Thoughts


I never thought I could cram so much stuff into four days in Paris.  Traditionally I like a vacation that is equal parts active and lounge/laziness  — Paris was not that trip.  As you read, we were active all day every day, but the city had such a great energy, I felt I could have gone at that pace indefinitely.  I do believe I have also committed the Cardinal Sin of Euro-Fans…I believe I love Paris more than London.  Perish the thought, I know.

I had such high expectations of Paris, I was quite confident it couldn’t live up to them. I was mistaken.  I loved so many aspects of Paris: the fabulous Metro, the beautiful Parisiens, the cafe culture, wine with every meal, the grand boulevards — I can go on and on.  I now have the urge to make Paris an annual (or more frequent) long weekend.

While I do not think it is required in Paris, I would suggest travelers learn a bit of the local language.  Not only is it respectful but it makes you feel less like an outsider.  As you plan your travels to Paris, please email me with questions, I may be able to help.  Tell me about any hotel gems you find.  Did you stumble across a great little shop (shoe store?) or restaurant, let me know.  Did you end up exploring an outer arrondissment, let me know what brought you out there and what you loved about it.

Bon voyage!

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