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Blog Stats

I’ve been writing this blog for a couple years now.  I would write when I felt like it and would go months without an update.  I would not track any part of the blog — I would read comments but didn’t care how many people actually read what I wrote — I wrote it for myself (and I still do).

In August I decided to start writing about my travels so I’d always remember the visits (in addition to the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken) and to help advise my friends on places to go (and not to go).  After I finished my South Africa trip review, I wanted to see how many people were actually reading my writings — so I started using the Google stats and then I decided I’d through some ads on my blog and see how it works.  I also started “advertising” or promoting my blog through twitter and other vehicles as well this month.

I’ll give you all a few stats from September — don’t worry, I won’t bore you all with this info each month.

Before September I had a total of 1,034 hits all time. In September 1,134 page visits were recorded.  The most visited post was Dining Room Design, followed by a tie between Africa Trip Review — Cape of Good Home Drive and Paris Trip Recap — Hotel de Crillon Bar Review.  Most of my traffic has been from the US (995 US and the rest from UK, France, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India and Mexico all multiple visits each).

I’ve also set goals for October.  I’d like to have on average 4 posts per week.  I’ll update my Dining Room Dilemma, finish my Paris Trip Recap, review hotels in Oregon wine country and talk about my next big vacation plan (thinking of South East Asia in March).  I have a visit goal as well — I’d like to have  another 2,000 throughout October.

I also want to discuss thing you all are interested in — if you have something you’d like to see/hear/read let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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