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Pretty Nice Travel Day

I use the phrase travel day liberally. I flew from ORD to LGA today for a series of Risk Meetings/Conference. I am staying at the W in midtown and am now sitting at the near empty bar at BLT Steak, waiting for the kitchen to open so I can order a popover and a side of bacon…then go meet my risk colleagues for dinner.  Yes, the popovers are that tasty and I am that much of a pig.

I flew out at 11h00 and we landed 10 minutes early. The other ORD-LGA flights this morning were all delayed at least an hour. Lucky me. I was number one on the upgrade list….once first had checked in full. I am consistently the first loser…but I had MY coach seat, second exit row aisle. Of course a bit fatty was going to sit next to me AND he wouldn’t allow me to get up before he tried to slide his ample ass into the middle seat next to me.

I continued to read my book as he tried to change with me. The doors closed and a stew came running down the aisle get to my row, looks us all up and down, settles on the late middle aged man in a cheap suit and says “Mr.<MY NAME>, your upgrade has cleared, gather your things and come with me.” He didn’t correct her, so I had to. He was surprisingly upset that they wouldn’t give him the upgrade. I loved it. They lovingly pull me from the 3rd level of hell and guide me to heaven….ok that’s a stretch…it was a domestic upgrade on an A320 on a 121 minute flight, but at least I didn’t have to sit next to fatty AND I helped partially ruin a day for another guy.

All in all, pretty productive morning. Karma will bite.me on many of my next flights, I am sure.

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