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Paris Trip Recap — Introduction

I would consider myself a relatively well traveled person. While I have never been to South America, Asia, or Australia – I have visited Europe 7 times in my adult life, the Caribbean several times and Africa once.  I have been to 20+ cities in Europe, but never Paris (Nice only in France).  My favorite city in Europe was Madrid (probably because it was the first foreign city I visited), then London reigned king, as I spent 5 weeks there in college.  Once I landed in Paris, I absolutely fell in love.  Paris was always on my list of places to visit, not necessarily because I wanted to go, but because I felt I had to go — it’s PARIS, it’s a city everyone must see.

We decided to visit Paris for our short trip this fall.  MS and I decided to travel with JB and RK — the same two guys we went to Portugal with last September.  We traveled well together — not without it’s hiccups but a very leisurely and fun trip.

Over the next several days/weeks I will outline our trip and how my love affair with this city developed.  My initial Trip Recap Index is below, as I begin to write, I may change the index a bit.

  1. Flight: ORD-CDG
  2. Hotel Jeanne d’Arc Review
  3. The Marais
  4. Versailles
  5. Tour Eiffel
  6. Arc de Triomphe
  7. Bike Tour
  8. Montmartre
  9. Louvre
  10. St. Germain/Latin Quarter
  11. Shopping
  12. Hilton Le Defense Review
  13. Hotel de Crillon Bar Review
  14. Paris Metro
  15. Parisiens
  16. Flight: CDG-ORD
  17. Final Thoughts

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