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African Trip Review — Final Thoughts

Southern Africa was never high on my travel list. I do want to go everywhere, so it was on my list someplace.  I don’t think a Safari made it high on my bucket list either.  This trip wasn’t planned for years, but instead just a couple of months.  Airfare was booked in December, hotels were finalized in late January, itineraries were finalized in late February.  I like the quick turn around on a trip like this.

Visiting Africa allowed me to check off a new continent, to see friends in London, to fly on the longest flight I’d ever been on (in coach no less). It also allowed me to spend an extended vacation with MS — to see how we can handle long trips together (do we kill each other, do we actually have fun traveling just to two of us for long periods). 

This was a truly amazing trip. Cape Town is a beautiful city that can’t be beat.  South Africa has come so far in the 20 years since Apartheid ended, but it has so far to go.  Bringing the World Cup to this land, I think did wonders for the area (and according to the locals we chatted with they agree).

If given the opportunity, I would be on a flight tonight heading back to Cape Town — without missing a beat.  I would go on a Safari again. I wish I could go back and do this all over again.  I can’t wait for another opportunity to visit this continent.

One piece of advice for anyone reading this — please add South Africa to your short list of vacation destinations. I guarantee you will not regret it. It will change your view of the world and how you see yourself.

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