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African Trip Review — Transit: LHR-ORD

Carrier: United Air Lines
Flight #: 929
Seat: 20B
Departure: March 12, 2011 – 10:05 / 10:05
Arrival: March 12, 2011 – 13:12 / 13:01
Travel Time: 9 hours 7 minutes / 8 hours 56 minutes
Flight Miles: 3,953

As we boarded this flight, I was feeling pretty sad. My fantastic trip was coming to an end.  We managed to get very comfortable exit row seats back.  We watch a pretty crappy Matt Damon movie, Hearafter. This was a film I wanted to watch in the theater, but once I started watching it on the flight, I just couldn’t stand it.  I kept falling asleep, although I wasn’t tired, I was just bored and really didn’t care what happened to these characters.

The food was standard United International Economy fare.  While it was tasty and if I had ordered it in a restaurant, I wouldn’t send it back, but I probably wouldn’t go back to that restaurant again.  The flight was extremely uneventful.  We landed a few minutes early and shuffled our way to Customs and Immigration.  While waiting in the Customs line an agent with what looked like a beagle puppy came up and sniffed around us…but then quickly moved over to the dirty American (covered in dirt, not a racist slur here). The puppy then indicated something was amiss in this guys bag.  They pulled this young guy out of line very quickly — we were now one space closer to the front of the line — every cloud does have a silver lining.

We had a slightly longer discussion with the Customs Agents than we expected, as we had been on a farm (Bike and Wine Tour) and in close proximity to wild and domesticated animals.  After about 3 minutes of additional questions we were allowed through once we promised we wouldn’t visit any farm for 3 more weeks (yeah, you really needed to twist my arm).  Our once in a life time trip was over, time to return home and head back to the real world.  What a shame.

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