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African Trip Review — Introduction

I’ve been wanting to do a full review of my amazing trip to Africa in March, but haven’t gotten around to any of it yet. It seemed like too daunting of a task — 10 days in Africa pushing myself to try new things and experience something that is so far from my normal life was a bit overwhelming for me.

Lately I’ve been reading a TON of travel blogs and everyone I read handles their trip reviews in small manageable chunks: Not necessarily a day by day review, but it could be an experience by experience review — you just bite off a little bit at a time and before you know it the recap is over. I will follow this model on Africa — and hopefully will have it mostly completed before I run off to Paris. Below is what I envision the review will fold out:
  1. Transit: ORD-LHR
  2. Day in London with Friends
  3. Transit: LHR:CPT
  4. Westin Cape Town
  5. Cape Town Review/Gay Pride
  6. Cape of Good Hope Drive
  7. Bike and Wine Tour
  8. Transit: CPT-JNB-VFA
  9. Matetsi Water Lodge
  10. Game Drives
  11. Victoria Falls
  12. Birders
  13. Transit: VFA-JNB-LHR
  14. LHR: Star Alliance Gold Lounge
  15. Transit: LHR-ORD
  16. Final Thoughts

Fingers crossed that this works out as I expect, eh? Based on the number of things I want to discuss I have to do more than one post a day if I want this to be completed before I go to Paris…Good luck with that!

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