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Guest Room Art #2

After a very disappointing start yesterday, I had some of the wind knocked out of my sails after that less than qualified help at the Home Depot. I head back to the HD today and find another paint lackey standing about. This was the same girl who loudly told me that Behr never made “Light Olive”, even though I had a good portion of my house painted in this color just a couple years ago. Idiot.

I explained what happened yesterday, how her colleague inadvertently gave me the wrong white paint. Of course this was my fault, she explained. He’s a professional, she continued and if I had been more clear I wouldn’t be in this situation — oh and don’t forget I don’t get my money back. What a bitch.
So I hurry home and begin painting — the white actually works. It’s not just a clear coat. I put two coats on each of the canvases and it’s about 95% covered now. I’ll probably put on another coat of white then start to pencil in the design and if all goes well start to add the color tomorrow. How frustrating that a couple errors from HD would really derail my enthusiasm for this project.
My goal is to have this art piece completed by the end of the holiday weekend.

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