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So, I wrote this blog last night and my computer somehow became all fucked up and I lost the post. I had finished the post and was uploading photos and well that’s all she wrote. I was pretty frustrated. Let’s try to do this again without losing any quality of the post or my sanity…or by swearing like a freaking trucker like I did last night.

As you all know, I love to travel. I am a United/Star Alliance airline guy and a Marriott hotel guy.
I want my guest room to be a sanctuary for my guests. When I travel I want to have my own little piece of the world to be completely left alone — even when I’m staying with a friend. I do appreciate sleeping on the couch though, it’s nice to save money and be close with friends, but once you reach a certain age it’s just not right any more. I don’t want to wake up when my guests wake up — which is almost a given if they are sleeping on the couch. I don’t want my guests to wake up when I get up — which is guaranteed if they are sleeping on the couch. I want them

to be able to retire to a private sanctuary and have some quiet time when we are all together. Everyone needs a good night sleep while traveling — that’s what I want for my guest room.

I am lucky that timing and the economy worked in my favor — I was able to buy this beautiful home (in my opinion of course) that has 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. The guest room is complete with it’s own en suite bath — the guests have a fully contained area while they are here. You can see from the pictures it is pretty bland though. I have focused on a few things so far in this room.

I relatively comfortable bed is a must. The guest room has a couple sets of 600 thread count sheets, a hypoallergenic duvet and a couple duvet covers. I have about 10-12 towels ready for the guests as well — no one wants a wet/dirty towel over the length of their stay. I actually reuse the same towel for the whole week, but I want my guests to have the options.
When I travel I always unpack my suitcase. I hate living out of a small little wheeled bag. When I get to a hotel I immediately

unpack — hang up my suits and dress shirts, if they are wrinkled I crank on a hot shower and let the wrinkles fall out. I put my folded clothes into the dresser and unpack my toiletries. What am I, an animal? The guest room has a walk in closet and a dresser with several empty drawers — my guests can either unpack or not, their choice.
Speaking of toiletries, I love the Marriott Bath and Bodyworks citrus aromatherapy shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Such a refreshing scent. I have taken these toiletries from each Marriott I’ve stayed at. The guest room has a nice supply of these — and if you aren’t into the citrus aromatherapy

products, I’ve got other single serving toiletries for people as well.
In addition to the toiletries and the linens, I have a few other amenities that I use to try to make my guests feel at home. I always keep Pepto, Advil, condoms, cough drops, a couple bottles
of water and fresh fruit in the guest room. I’ve flown over 50,000 miles each year for the past 4 years (290,000 miles over the

past 6) and do know that from time to time travel doesn’t agree with our bodies. Better to have this stuff laying out for guests than have them come down and ask for it — that’s not a great thing to ask a host for.
Wireless Internet of course reaches to the guest room and the password is included in the amenity book on the dresser. Also on the dresser is a guest book where I hope all visitors will write a little note for me and future guests. No one has done so yet — but that’s ok, someone will be the first one (yes, it is obvious

this is a guest book).

I have no other furniture in the room. I thought (and still do) think that the dresser needs a mirror over it. I was lucky enough to find a funky red mirror at the Salvation Army for $5! I’m not 100% sure I like the red for the room, but I do like the frame itself. I might repaint it. Thoughts?
I want a headboard for the bed, but don’t know what kind yet. I need art for the walls and I have more of an idea of this–I want to take photos of my neighborhood. I want both color and black and white — art subjects will be less than a 10 minute walk from my home. I want to show off the beauty and diversity of this part of Chicago. Thoughts?
Do you think I need to get a TV for the guest room? How big? Wall mount or not? I do have a yoga mat and a yoga DVD in the guest room, but no way to play it yet. I figured most people bring a laptop when they travel (about 75% of people have thus far) and they can use that. Thoughts?
What else do I need to include in this room to make it feel like home? What do you keep in your guest rooms? If there is ONE thing that you always bring with you when you travel, what is it? Is it beneficial for me to keep something like this in my guest room for people?
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