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Best Year Yet – February Recap


So, I’ve done a very bad job on my BYY Plan for 2011. I tried only one new recipe this month — and it was during the blizzard. I tried Ina Garten’s Chicken Chili, and it was pretty good. It needed a bit more spice to it, as it was a bit bland. I would suggest seasoning under the chicken skin with lots of salt and pepper and perhaps a bit of red pepper flake. Speaking of, I’d add more red pepper flake and chili powder. The best part of this recipe was preparing the chicken — each time I’ve used her recipe (just the chicken prep piece) the chicken comes out so moist and amazing. It’s really great to broil some chicken on Sunday and just have it in the fridge for a quick meal add-on throughout the week.

I didn’t do much networking this month, and I really didn’t do the writing that I intended to do. I haven’t done yoga in weeks. I did manage to mark a couple of things off of my check list though. This month was my birthday month so I had several evenings dealing with that — I say dealing with it because I don’t really like celebrating my birthday, but everyone else makes a big deal about it, so I have to go with the flow. I was able to get some good meals out the month though.
I’ve been working lots of hours at home so I can be fully prepared for my upcoming Southern Africa vacation, so I haven’t had a chance focus as much time as I wanted on BYY, etc.
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