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As you all know I’ve been on the road quite a bit in September — for the last 21 days I was on the road 15 days — and of the last 39 days I was away from home for 22 of those. It is good to be home. I do love to travel and I do miss some of it while I am at home. The biggest things I miss while not being on the road (excluding corporate paid meals and travel) is the service at hotels (good hotels, not that shitty Sheraton in Virginia with the broken toilet and scab pressed into the carpet). I’ve tried, and have been semi-successful in, replicating some of the hotel experiences in my own home, which I will share with you all here today.

These are just a couple of things that I do around the house to give my home a more sophisticated hotel feel. These things take just moments a day to do or maintain. Give it a try and I personally guarantee within two weeks you’ll feel happier and wonder why more people do not fold their TP.

Next time, I will be talking about ways to make your guest room more like a hotel — but not so much that your guests don’t want to go home.

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